Deer Antler Spray Extract Review

Everything they don’t want you to know, but I’ll tell you right now, the US government and drug companies do not want you to know about the Fountain of Youth. They do not want you to be healthy. They do not want you to be healthy. Healthy people don’t go to the doctor and don’t need drugs.

There’s a product called Deer Antler Velvet or Deer Antler Spray Extract and has been circulating quietly for around 20 or so years now.

Researchers started testing IGF-1 levels via urine tests for human growth hormone levels. These HGH levels naturally decrease over time as we age. That’s the way it is. They decrease over time. If you can increase your HGH, or human growth hormone, or if you can increase your IGF-1, some amazing things happen. There’s a dramatic increase of energy, endurance, and stamina. You feel more vitalized when you wake up in the morning. You look younger. You have improved body tone. You have dramatic fat loss. Your bone density increases. You have less depression, you have more joy. Do all of these actually happen when taking a deer antler velvet supplement?

Many are calling deer antler velvet extract the Fountain of Youth, but let’s review the facts and truth regarding some of the information about its legitimacy as a natural IGF-1 and HGH booster.

In this review on deer antler velvet supplementation, we are going to cover the raw essentials and cover the topic A-Z in an interview style. Below is an outline of a deer antler velvet user and their results utilizing it as an insulin-like growth factor booster and HGH producer.

I’m doing fantastic. I didn’t tell you this before, but I tested the blood levels of the IGF-1 and I did the urine test for HGH, and I started taking this AntlerX Deer Velvet, my IGF-1 levels and HGH levels went up threefold.

Now when I show this to the medical doctors, they said “impossible”. They said, “You must be shooting yourself up with HGH.” I said, “No, I’m not taking injections of HGH.” They said, “It’s impossible.” I said, “Look, I’m doing crazy exercise. I’m not doing anything different. I’m just taking something called Deer Antler Velvet, from the one company that has the real stuff that really works, AntlerX”. The question is, are these results from using deer antler velvet extract abnormal or in line with its actual health benefits.

When asked, deer antler velvet expert replied:

No. Absolutely not. Not everybody is going to call up and not everybody’s going to experience the same results of using deer antler supplements, but I want to tell the world the truth, which is one of the reasons I am so excited to be sharing this with you today.

Every day I get this opportunity to tell people the truth. People get set free from lies, deception, bondage, or whatever. We get a lot of testimonies. Of course, the ones from movie stars and NFL football players, and major named people, that most people would recognize if we gave their name, it seems to be impressive. But it’s the little person out there, that is having issues, and they are blown away by this product. You said I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years.

I have, and I’ve been involved in the health business and I’ve looked at everything that has come down the pike, and this product is just the most mind-boggling, revolutionary, dramatic results-type of product. You take it and people’s lives change.

Question: Now it’s called Deer Antler Velvet Extract, and it comes from the antlers of deers in New Zealand, correct?

Expert: Correct. They are the size of an elk, but in New Zealand, they called them red deer. It’s like we would call a North-American elk.

Question: How do you get this velvet off the antler? Do you have to kill the deer?

Expert: No, no, no. It’s all governed in New Zealand by veterinarians and animal rights activists. The Deer are not harmed in any way, and in fact, all Cervidae, which are moose, reindeer, caribou, elk, and deer, all the males grow these huge antlers every year, and they drop off every year.

So this is just a removal in a very quick process, where no harm, pain, suffering or anything, happens to the deer’s antler. It’s just removed a few months before it normally would drop off anyway and is often sourced from the tips of the regenerating deer antler velvet.

Question: So, is it the whole antler or just the tip of the antler?

Expert: From the science that we have available today, we use a lot of the tip, but there are other parts, just the very top ones, 1/3 of the part, that some other nutrients, minerals, amino acids, as well, too. We have this special formula that nobody else in the world has, and that’s one of the big things about it, all the growth factors.

But also, it’s the liposomal delivery system, it’s a spray. You spray it right in your mouth. You don’t have to swallow something and wait 28 feet down the pike for it to absorb. Of course, probably a couple hundred nutrients out of the nearly 2,000 nutrients in Royal Velvet, would not make it passed the hydrochloric acid bath in the stomach. This liposomal delivery system puts 97% of these nutrients in your blood stream, in 30 seconds. That’s one of the amazing things about it.

Question: You have professional athletes using this. You have Hollywood starlets and celebrities using this. The results are pretty amazing. It really is an anti-aging miracle? People look younger, they have more energy, they have more stamina, fat goes down, it helps the body burn fat, muscles increase.

Are all of these the health benefits of deer antler velvet, including the spray and extract supplement form? It’s really a Fountain of Youth, right?

Expert: I believe so, as far as what we have today. Who knows what they will discover tomorrow, but this is my take. As you know, we’ve talked about this, as we talked about aging. To me, aging is this, and I’ll try to do it in this Reader’s Digest condensed version.

From the time your father’s sperm met your mother’s egg, you were dividing cells, apoptosis and mitosis. You’re creating cells. You lose some cells along the way, too.

Up until about 20 years of age, you’re creating a huge amount of cells. In your early to mid-20s, it’s a wash. You lose about 150 billion cells a day, you create about a 150 billion cells. But then in your late-20s, you start to age.

What is the aging process? The aging process is when you lose more cells than you create on a daily basis. Every cell has DNA, 300,000 bits of information in every cell. Pancreatic cells are
not in your eyeballs. The DNA tells it what it does, where it is, how it functions, what nutrients it needs to create and replicate another cell, mitosis. Every time there’s a cellular division, a telomere, which has the DNA strands in it, part of the bottom of it drops off, and after about 50 or 60 cellular replications, which is called the Hayflick limit, the cell dies off. Aging is when you lose more cells than you create.

When you take deer antler velvet spray or extract supplements, the constituents, the nutrients, the growth factors in it, actually causes the DNA in all the cells in the body, to function more optimally, and last longer.

In double-blind studies, some in China, but other places around the world, have been proven that the cells last upwards of 300% longer. So reversing the aging process is when you create more cells than you lose.

If you stop losing cells, and you create more, you can slough off dead cells that are not functioning, whether it’s skin cells, that’s why the wrinkle go away, or the function of all the 11 systems within the body. That’s reversing the aging process. A lot of people are freaked out by it.

“How can this be? I look 20 years younger.” They go to a high school reunion and they look so much younger. People don’t believe that they haven’t had face lifts and all this other stuff. There is a scientific back behind this.

Question: On this web site,, it’s a spray supplement. It’s Deer Antler Velvet.

It’s the only delivery system out there. It’s the best in the world. Other competitors, I’ve tried them, don’t work. Quite frankly, yours is the only one that works. Yours is the one that’s used by professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and all those people because it works. People don’t use the other products out there, the competitors, they use yours. It comes in a little bottle. I have it and I’ve been using it. You spray two times when you first wake up in the morning.

Expert: Yes, three sprays is an adult dosage. You do it when you wake up in the morning, and always, the last thing at night. That’s what is going to double the intelligence, make you be able to multitask, wake up an hour earlier, feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed. You always want to take it night because you sleep for one reason: to replenish neurotransmitters.

This supplies the brain in three seconds, with just everything the brain is looking for to replenish those neurotransmitters. But there are people that take various dosages. I take a huge amount, but so do the NFL football players, a lot of these people do. But three sprays, maybe four times a day, is a typical adult dosage.

Question: What’s a huge amount? What is the proper dosage of deer antler spray?

Expert: You want me to tell you what I take?

Question: Yes. I want to be like you.

Expert: No you don’t. I want to be like you haha. Okay. I take, literally, three sprays, probably, 10, 11, 12 times a day. But let me tell you, I sleep four or five hours a night, I have for 20-something years. I do have this physique, and people forget when I tell them this, but the average person, if you looked at my physique, you would think I am a college quarterback or a Olympic athlete or gymnast or something. I’m an old man in my late-50s. That blows people away.

Interviewer: For those of you who don’t know, AntlerX Spray Supplement is Pure Deer Antler Velvet.

There’s only one brand. I’ve tested them all over the years. It basically is the Fountain of Youth. When you take it, it stimulates the Human Growth Hormone, IGF-1, plus a whole bunch of other growth factors, and it makes your skin get tighter, lines go away, it gets thicker. Your hair, nails, and skin look younger. Your energy levels go up, libido goes up, tremendously. You sleep better.

It basically balances out the hormones and it is really an anti-aging and Fountain of Youth regime. People, like Dina, who have called in and say, just after a few weeks, people are noticing the difference. They say, ‘Boy, you look great. What are you doing differently? You look great.

You virtually begin to look and feel a lot younger. That’s at Athletes use it because it dramatically improves athletic performance, whether it’s biking, playing basketball, or golf. Your aches and pains go away, joint aches go away. It’s an anti-aging product. I use this. I’ve tested it. I’ve done my blood work, my saliva, hormone levels and it is basically works even better than taking injections of Human Growth Hormone, which has been proven to be, virtually, the Fountain of Youth.

Thanks for reading our interview transcription of a profound deer antler spray extract and its proper supplementation. Is it the fountain of youth? It is hard to say, but the mounting evidence supporting its case as a viable option for a beneficial supplement for restoring and replenishing is strong and continues to grow.

Stay tuned for more information on deer antler extract and velvet spray supplements.

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